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Primavonna Hospitality Welcomes You

Among the Best

Negroni Cocktail


Uniquely Original

Since 2000, Primavonna Hospitality has thrilled clients around San Francisco with fresh and original libations. When starting out, they first mastered the basics in order to learn how and where they could best innovate and include their creative flair.

When coming up with new drinks and cocktails, Primavonna Hospitality always keeps flavor profiles in mind and focuses on maintaining their balance. Nevertheless, their curiosity and fun spirit help make sure that this talented Bartender is always coming up with new surprises.

Interesting Workshops

There are lots of great learning opportunities with Primavonna Hospitality. This is a great way to learn from an acclaimed Bartender. Check the list of upcoming workshops and reserve your spot for whatever piques your interest.

Pretty Cocktail

Cocktail Design Course

Get ready to learn the most valuable modern mixology tips and tricks from an acclaimed Bartender. Create and combine new drinks behind the bar, or impress your guests while entertaining at home.

Bartender Pouring Cocktail

Mixologist Course

Want to impress with your mixology knowledge and skills? This course will teach you to design and execute incredible and original cocktails. After mastering the basics, you’ll be ready to create your own signature drinks.


500 Terry Francois Street San Francisco, CA 94158


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Primavonna Hospitality Welcomes You

Among the Best

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